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Learning to Drive is a Privilege

Learning to drive is a privilege for teens, and their parents. Itís a time of exciting possibilities and achievements. Itís also a time of grave risks!

It's a fact that teenagers get into a lot more accidents than adults do. The reason for that is simple: teenagers have less driving experience, so it is easier to get caught up by simple mistakes that adults have already learned to avoid.

Rates for auto insurance for teenage drivers are always higher than for other drivers because as a group they pose a higher risk of accidents than the more experienced drivers. Adding a teenager to an insurance policy means the insurance company is assuming an added risk. In order to cover that new risk, there is an additional cost. Factors that determine the price for insurance:

Make/Model/Year of car
Miles driven
Driving record (tickets/accidents)
Driving experience

In the past, 16-year-old males were the highest risk drivers, but accident data from NHTSA show that 16-year-old girls are closing the gap between their accident rate and that of their male counterparts.

We are not giving you this information to "pick" on our teen drivers. But, we are aware of the risks ALL drivers are at and want to stress how important safety is.

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