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Tips to Teens to Avoid an Accident

1. Make sure you are really trained before driving. Take drivers training. Drive with your parents as much as they will let you, especially in the "not so perfect" driving conditions-snow, rain, fog. Get all the experience you can before you are on your own.

2. When driving with other friends in your car, it is easy to be distracted. Tell your friends they need to be calm while you are driving. 61% of teen deaths occurred with a passenger in the vehicle.

3. BUCKLE UP! Three out of five people killed in vehicle accidents would have survived their injuries if they had been wearing their seat belt.

4. Do NOT speed. Speeding is cited as one of the number 1 reasons for teen accidents and fatalities.

5. Keep cell phone use to a minimum while driving. It is easy to pay more attention to your phone call then the road.

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