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Life Insurance

According to a recent LIMRA study, the top seven reasons people don't buy life insurance are:

1. I can't afford it.
2. It's difficult to decide how much to buy.
3. I have not gotten around to it.
4. I worry about making the wrong decision.
5. I prefer to put my money into other financial products.
6. No one has approached me.
7. Itís unpleasant to think about dying.

If someone depends financially upon another person, that other person needs life insurance. If death occurred tomorrow, how would loved ones fare financially? Would there be money to pay immediate expenses, continued living expenses, and meet long-term financial goals? Would the survivor be able to save enough money to put the kids through college or retire comfortably? Most people need to have their current life insurance program reviewed. They may be surprised at how little it may cost to get the additional life insurance they need to protect their loved ones. Remember, "LIFE INSURANCE ISNíT FOR THE PEOPLE WHO DIE, ITíS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE." Call Mike for a free no obligation Life Insurance Review or Quote. WHATíS YOUR EXCUSE?

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