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An Ounce of Prevention Could Save You $5,000

Water is the single most common cause of household damage, according to a nationwide analysis of Safeco Insurance. From 002-2004, 30% of home water damage claims resulted form appliance failure and another 62% from faulty plumbing systems. The biggest culprits: water heaters and washing machines. Safeco found that American households with water damage spent an average of $5,000 for each episode in that same period. Some easy cautionary measures, however can lessen the risk of water damage and dramatically reduce your reliance on plumbers.
First, take stock of your home's water-based appliacnes - water heater, washing machines, sump pumps and note any wear and tear, especailly on appliance parts (hoses for example). Water heaters have a life expectancy that is hard to predict, so check yours often and follow all maintenance guidelines to a T. There might not be an immediately visible problem, but note that tanks can rust on the inside, leading to rapture.

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